The Team

Principal Investigator

s200_federico.giusfrediProf. Federico Giusfredi (History of the Ancient Near East, Dept. Cultures and Civilizations, University of Verona), is specialized in Ancient Anatolian Studies (in particular philology, languages and history). Along with the general coordination of the project, his PALaC research activities are mostly (but not exclusively) focused on Bronze Age Anatolia.


Fixed-term researchers


Dr. Stella Merlin (Linguistics, Dept. Cultures and Civilizations, University of Verona). She holds a BA in Classics and a MA and PhD in Linguistics. She has been working on both historical linguistic topics and metalanguage, e.g. the origins and establishment of the part-of-speech system.Her PALaC research activities are mostly focused on the contacts between Anatolia and the Aegean world.



DFotor. Valerio Pisaniello (Linguistics, Dept. Cultures and Civilizations, University of Verona) is specialized in linguistics and philology of the ancient Anatolian languages. His PALaC research activities are mostly (but not exclusively) focused on Iron Age Anatolia.

Post-doctoral Researchers

Dr. Bartomeu Obrador Cursach (University of Verona, Post-Doctoral Researcher in Anatolian Studies and Linguistics) is specialized in Classics and Indo-European Linguistics. His research is mainly focused on the Phrygian language and epigraphy with special attention to the Anatolian context. His PALaC tasks involve the study of the lexical interference between the Aegean and the Anatolian area.


Project Hittite Divine Names by Dr. Michele Cammarosano (University of Würzburg): a cooperation between the two projects for the linguistic analysis of the Hittite divine names has started in 2018.

Collaborators and advisors

Prof. Paola Cotticelli-Kurras, historical linguist, University of Verona.

Prof. Velizar Sadovski, historical linguist, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Dr. Ilya Yakubovich, historical linguist, University of Marburg/Russian State University for the Humanities.


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Please refer to the Research Area of the University of Verona, or to the administrative officers of the Verona Department of Cultures and Civilizations.